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Storage Boxes Newport

For the best storage options and storage boxes in Newport, contact the team at Storage Box Self Storage today. You will find great deals available on our website, alongside some packing and storage tips from our expert team.

When you’re putting items into long term storage, it’s important to ensure they are protected, and can be brought out of storage in the same condition that they were before. Most measures are simple, like taking apart flat-pack furniture and draining fuel or oil from machinery and removing batteries from appliances. Other measures you can take include providing enough protection for delicate items, or padding between stacked items.

Save Money with Our Smart Packing Supplies for Newport

We offer packing supplies and storage boxes for our Newport customers that are affordable, and yet remain of the high quality that will withstand either long term storage or all the rigours of moving day.

Save money on these smart packaging supplies and save your valuable furniture and household items at the same time, when you choose quality packing products from Storage Box.

Get the Right Packing Supplies and Storage Boxes for Your Newport Home or Business

To find out more, you can contact our friendly and experienced team. In addition to the packing supplies and storage boxes for Newport residents moving house, we also have a range of both indoor and outdoor storage units that can be used by both residential and commercial customers alike.

We even have a roomy furniture van for hire. With automatic transmission, this 4 tonne truck can be driven on a normal driver’s licence, and if you’re a Storage Box customer, you can receive our great hire rates, starting from just $100 a day.

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