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Self Storage Altona Meadows

Are you looking for a convenient location that meets all your requirements for self storage near Altona Meadows? Browse through our website to see the many options available at Storage Box Self Storage in Slough Road, Altona, or call our friendly and helpful team to find out more.

We have both indoor and outdoor units in different dimensions to meet your needs.

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Great location

Located close to the Western Ring Road & Princess Freeway, only 20 mins drive from the Melbourne CBD.

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Upon booking your unit, you'll receive a PIN that gives you 24/7 access to your storage unit, meaning you can come and go as.

Staff onsite 7 days a week

Our onsite office team is always happy to help you.


Our range of services are competitively priced.


We are Family
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Get Organised

Moving goods into storage is a good reason to dispose of all those unwanted items you should have thrown out years ago. Take an objective look through every room, drawer and closet in your home. Make use of non-profit organisations or charities, or even a garage sale to offload surplus items.

Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be clean, dry and deodorised. Doors should be secured slightly ajar to maintain airflow. Keep shelving clear to prevent them from being marked or damaged.

Protect furniture with drop sheets or something similar, such as sheets and doonas. Empty the contents of wardrobes, drawers and cupboards to protect their shelving and structure. Clothing and personal goods should be packed in strong, secure cartons with naphthalene, mothballs or a similar product. Where possible, remove the legs from furniture (bed bases, tables etc.) to avoid damage and save space.

For TVs, DVD players, computers and other electrical goods, the original box is the best choice for repacking. If unavailable, first wrap items individually in bubble-wrap, pack closely into cartons and seal the top. Most computers have ‘self-parking heads’ – if you are unsure about your computer, refer to the manufacturer’s manual or consult a retailer. Masking tape is a great tool for labelling electrical ports. Remember to create a back-up of computer files before storing and keep the back-up off site.

Convenient Central Caravan Storage near Altona Meadows

Storing your caravan safely and securely is a great way to save on your insurance premiums. You could park the caravan in your home garage, but if you want to leave it free for your car or household storage then you can consider our convenient, drive-up caravan storage. Altona Meadows caravan owners will find us just down the road, so it’s never a hassle to drop your caravan off or pick it up again when you want to hit the open road.

Enjoy 24/7 Access to Self Storage for Vehicles from Altona Meadows

Just because you want to keep a vehicle in storage is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy easy and convenient access to it whenever you need. Shaded and sheltered in one of our ranch-style outdoor units, you’ll be able to drive right into the storage unit, and use your PIN to gain twenty-four-hour access whenever you need it.

Our onsite office is also operational seven days a week, so it’s always easy to get in touch with the team at Storage Box Self Storage. Altona Meadows locals can call us during office hours, or email the team for a prompt response.

Add Insurance to Your Car and Trailer Storage near Altona Meadows

If you want extra protection for your valuables you can always consider our insurance options. The cost of insurance will be dependent upon the value of the goods stored, and the length of time for which they are stored.

This may be a valuable extra service for customers to consider when they choose our car, trailer, or caravan storage. Altona Meadows locals may even find that without taking out the additional insurance that their usual vehicle insurance premiums are lowered, depending on where their vehicle was previously stored.

Residential & Commercial Furniture Storage near Altona Meadows with Convenient Van Hire

Whether they’re a residential or commercial customer, when they choose our furniture self storage, Altona Meadows customers will find a range of options available for their convenience, including the option to hire our furniture van at very competitive rates, or to purchase the packaging and storage boxes that they will need to store their furniture and other items securely.