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Move your items to and from storage safely and conveniently with the Storage Box furniture van. Our van is available for hire to save you time, stress and money.

Furniture Van



Save time – Our van has easy access to the Western Ring Road and Princess Highway so you can cut down on travel time.

Save stress – Our van has the capacity to transport large household and corporate goods and can be driven on a general drivers' license - no manual or truck license necessary.

Save money – Hire the van at a highly competitive rate. The van will have a full tank of fuel to start you off, so all you need to do is refuel upon return.

MONDAY $100 $300 REPLACE $2,500
TUESDAY $100 $300 REPLACE $2,500
WEDNESDAY $100 $300 REPLACE $2,500
THURSDAY $100 $300 REPLACE $2,500
FRIDAY $100 $300 REPLACE $2,500
SATURDAY $150 $300 REPLACE $2,500
SUNDAY $150 $300 REPLACE $2,500

* The furniture van is provided with a full tank, and it must be returned full. If not, then Diesel is charged per litre at $1.80 and is taken off the deposit.

* In the event of a vehicle accident/damage to the vehicle, the excess is $2,500. This can be reduced to a $500 excess with a $50 payment

The truck is an Automatic 4 Tonne Hino 2015 Van which can be driven a standard full licence

The cabin size is 4.2 metres deep and 2.3 metres wide and 2.0 metres high

The furniture van is only permitted to be driven in Melbourne Metropolitan areas

Toll fees apply. Any toll fees are to be paid when returning the furniture van and they are taken off the deposit